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A bit older in the tooth than the 2nd wave of Edinburgh coffee houses. Leaning to more Partisan than Artisan the Black Medicine will never be disloyal to the caffeine cause. A shop selling food, drink and being a social space, just come in and see.

Whether just for you or to share a table, a group area for club meeting or the whole basement. See what else we can offer - available for just about anything. We are a wholly owned subsidiary of Planet Earth and so will always try to help make it a better place.

Reducing, reusing and recycling as much as we can... not allowing take-aways in the shop, and always moving toward a less wasteful operation.

The new basement

Although counter service we can offer table/area reservations from 8-80 using the basement - day, afternoon or evening. Full kitchen with separate entrance, for functions, fund-raisers, food, drink licensed or non licensed. Open to all sorts of ideas.


A cup of coffee by Black Medicine Coffee Co